Who is Danny Jones Penniman? How is He Related To Little Richard?

Danny Jones Penniman age

Danny Jones Penniman, is an American rapper. He is the adopted son of late Richard Wayne Penniman , better known as Little Richard, the founding father of “Rock and Roll ” music.

Danny Jones Penniman Biography

  • Danny Jones Penniman doesn’t prefer to come in front of media so very little is known about his personal life.
  • He is a professional rapper yet most of his works are not known to public.
  • There is no information of Danny’s age but it is believed that he is around 47 years old now.
  • He was the adopted son of founding father of rock and roll, the late Little Richard with his ex-wife Ernestine Harvin.
  • Unfortunately Little Richard passed away on 9th May, 2020. His death was confirmed by Danny Jones Penniman himself.
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Danny Jones Penniman is the adopted son of Little Richard also known as Richard Wayne Penniman and his wife Ernestine Harvin.

Details about his biological parents are not known. Danny was adopted when he was one year old. His foster parents had a divorce and his mother has led a quiet life ever since.

About Little Richard

Little Richard was an American Singer, songwriter, and musician. Little Richard was born on December 5, 1932, in Macon, Georgia.

Little Richard had a tough Childhood. His father kicked him out of the house when he was only 13 years old because his father did not approve of his sexuality. When Richard was 19 years old his father was shot dead by his best friend and he never got a chance to mend his relationship with his father.

Little Richard learned to play piano at his house of worship and his work was heavily influenced by the Church. Two of his uncles and his grandfather too were preachers which explains his faith and involvement with the church. After Richard was ordered to leave his family house he was was taken in by a white family who owned a club in Macon, where Richard eventually began performing and honing his talent.

Over the next year and half, Little Richard came out with several more rock hits, including “Long Tall Sally,” “Good Golly Miss Molly” and “Send Me Some Lovin’.

Little Richard was adored by all and was liked by other musicians of his age as well. Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis liked his work and were inspired a lot by him. Little Richard’s amazing piano skills and suggestive lyrics established rock as a real musical form and inspired others, most notably the Beatles, to make a go for it.

Little Richard went to be with the Lord on 9th May 2020. He died in Nashville, Tennessee from bone cancer. His death was confirmed by his son Danny Jones Penniman via social media. He was one of the greatest singers of his times and gave a definition to Rock and Roll music. He will always be remembered for his songs will keep him alive.

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