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There have been extensive protests about the issues related to sexual harassment, abuse, and mischief in various fields over the last few years. Especially several complaints have come from workplaces. In 2018 a massive #Metoo movement caught on like a wildfire and in the process, many eminent personalities were bought in front of public eyes for their misconduct in the past. The movement was against sexual harassment faced by women, especially in their workplaces. It led to some groundbreaking discoveries and unearthed the existing evil in the world today.

Since then sexual abuse complaints have been coming in from almost all sectors of employment and lifestyle. This has not even left the streaming services. Several such complaints have surfaced recently about users on the Twitch platform.

dr disrespect wife instagram

As we all know, Twitch is one of the world’s leading live streaming platform available for gamers and for many other tasks and things we love. The platform also allows us to watch and chat with millions of other fans from around the world who possess common interests and passions.

Citing the sexual abuse and harassment reasons Twitch has recently banned and removed many of the renowned Twitch streamers. And in that list, there was a certain streamer who is popularly known by his user name “dr disrespect“.

The striking aspect of this whole saga is that there was no substantial reason or details released by Twitch about the ban of its user dr disrespect.

dr disrespect's wife

Dr Disrespect who’s real name is Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, has been one of the leading streamers on Twitch for some time now and is also popular in Discord servers.  He self-proclaimed as the most ruthless competitor in video game history.

Due to his exploits on the platform, he garnered a huge fan following. But Twitch recently banned him from the platform without disclosing any particular inference for such a drastic decision. Some sources have stated that this might be a permanent ban and he might not reemerge on the platform ever again.  Since then, the Twitch users and his fans have been speculating about the reasons for the unforeseen exit of dr disrespect.

There have been theories that he was banned due to sexual abuse or rules infringement during the streaming process. The internet has been filled with many such stories but almost all of them are speculations at this point in time as none have been corroborated by either parties involved.

Either Twitch or dr disrespect has come out and gave an answer to what happened internally which led to this scenario. But there has been an outpouring of love from fans and followers of dr disrespect on the social media and Twitch platforms.

What Dr Disrespect’s Wife Has To Say?

Recently his wife, Mrs. Assassin on Instagram has thanked all the fans for their support to her husband during these challenging times. She has been using her Instagram handle effectively and trying to preserve the credibility and legacy of her husband.

She has been actively posting and voicing her opinions on Instagram in support of her husband. For now, we don’t know the reason for the removal of dr disrespect’s twitch account, but one thing looks clear as it’s a permanent move as many subscribers of dr disrespect have reported that they are receiving refunds.

About Dr Disrespect’s Wife

mr assassin biography

Dr Disrespect’s Wife’s Name : Mrs. Assassin (real name is still not known)

Instagram handle :

Twitter handle : NA

Her daughter:

dr disrespect's daughter

We tried finding more about Mrs. Assassin but not much info about her is available on the internet.

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