Faze Rain’s Girlfriend : Real Name, Biography & Recent Pics

Youtube has been turning many previously normal people into mini-celebrities. Youtube star, FaZe Rain is one such example of this. His original name is Nordan Shat and he belongs to Canada.

Nordan was born on May 29th, 1996 in Toronto, Canada. He is a famous vlogger on Youtube and also interacts sporadically with his fans on other platforms like Instagram.

He is a popular professional gamer and posts game-related videos mostly. His username is derived from FaZe clan which is a Call of Duty sniping clan held by a person Thomas Oliveira.

faze rain taylor

He chiefly plays call of duty and frequently updates his account with the game-related videos for his followers. His gaming journey started with playing play-station with his sister during his school days and then went on to become a professional gaming vlogger.

He joined the youtube community in 2010 with the username FaZe Rain. He has a whopping 5 million subscribers (and still increasing) on his youtube channel which evidently shows his popularity on the video-sharing platform.

He already has more than 1 billion views on his content. To cash in on the craze, he even created an alter-ego character called Vape Lord Nord of himself. In this avatar, he wears a gown, sunglasses, and a hat facing forwards and takes in and out vape from a vaper to distinguish from his usual look.

He usually uploads game-related videos or fans mail videos on his youtube account. He was recently ousted from the FaZe clan. He is trending in the recent past due to his tweets and Instagram posts about his depression and people are concerned about his mental health now.

Usually, many people have found it hard to handle the expectations of newfound popularity on platforms like Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram which has steadily landed them in some sort of trouble. Solipsism is one of the major consequences of this. Handling popularity and fame on Youtube is particularly challenging as it also provides lucrative monetary benefits once someone becomes trending on the platform.

FaZe Rain has also faced quite some issues related to this. Recently during his interaction with his fans through Instagram live, his fans complained that he was on drugs influence while speaking to them.

He later came out and tweeted that he would stop using them. Coming to his personal life, he was in a relationship with a girl named Taylor previously.

She featured alongside him in a video titled “MEET MY GIRLFRIEND!” in the fall of December 2014.

But later news broke out that the pair broke up in early 2016 and the reason for this was not disclosed in the public. Regarding his current relationship status, during the last week of June, he tweeted “My girlfriend’s parents took her from me and won’t let me speak or talk to her in days,” and said “I couldn’t stop smiling when I was with her. I just want her back.”

This evidently proves that he was/is in a relationship but the identity of his partner is still unknown as he did not mention it anywhere until now. 

Written by Balkrishna

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