Helen Of Sparta Tiktok Biography : Real Name, Birthdate & Cool Facts

The revolutionary changes in Internet reachability over the last few years in India have helped in bridging the gaps between cities and rural areas when it comes to the communication sector. This led to many people getting introduced to the never-ending and vast digital world.

The social media platforms have become one of the biggest beneficiaries because of the aforementioned change in the network demographics. The number of users on various social media networks increased exponentially and they are making merry in their businesses.

This can be termed as the golden period for social media enterprises. TikTok is definitely high up in such a list and is a highly popular social media platform that has managed to reach many corners of India. Today we are going to look at one person from South India who has managed to gain a celebrity status on the TikTok profile due to her diverse content sharing and display of her innate talents.

helen of sparta real name, net worth, images

The TikToker we are talking about is Helen of Sparta. Well, that is her username on the TikTok but her original name is Dhanya Suja Rajesh.

She hails from Kerala and is a proud Malayali which can be understood by observing her about on her TikTok profile.

Getting into more personal details, she was born on May 23rd in 1998 in Kasaragod which is situated in the western ghats of Kerala. She finished schooling in the same place. She is one of the most famous South Indian TikTok stars on the platform right now.  

helen of sparta tiktok biography

She generally uploads videos related to dancing, singing, and acting. Dhanya has also acted in a few short films until now and also received the best actress award for one of her short film named Red Velvet.

She has a cool sense of humour which can be spotted in most of her videos.  Dhanya did emphasise that she loves acting and singing in recent times and that passion is clearly visible in her content as her performances dazzle her followers in all of her videos.

She managed to rake in 773.1 k followers on TikTok along with a whopping 23.2 million likes on her content in just six months after joining TikTok. According to her bio on the profile page, she is anticipating for the follower count to cross 800k soon.

The talented teenager does not follow anyone on the TikTok platform. She is also supposedly single right now. But she is seen collaborating with some friends on a regular basis while creating TikTok videos. Dhanya has posted over 530 videos on the platform until now and received a lot of love from the fellow TikTokers.

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