15 Amazing Facts About Sushant Singh Rajput You Gotta See If You’re His True Fan

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Nepotism and mental health issues have taken a center stage in the current affairs capsules all over for the last 15 days. And we definitely didn’t see the last of this issue. The sudden demise of promising actor Sushant Singh Rajput on June 14th was the primary reason for the surfacing of these issues.

Known for his impeccable performances in films like Chhichhore and MS Dhoni, he became a heartthrob of the younger generation. But on the afternoon of June 14th, news popped up on mobile phones and television screens which read that Sushant had committed suicide (which has not been confirmed yet) in his apartment and was no more. It sent shock waves around the country as common people were shell shocked with this heartbreaking revelation. 

No one was expecting that such a talented actor will take such an extreme step. Ever since that fateful day, various theories have surfaced online. The central theme in most of those theories is nepotism.

Major production houses like Dharma and YRF have been facing the ire of netizens. There have been concerns that some of the major production houses like these are promoting nepotism and are not giving opportunities to outsiders of the industry.

According to some people, these circumstances eventually led to an increase in the frustration and depression of the actor and ultimately forced him to take the extreme step.

Police Investigation is currently underway and a more accurate detailed reason for this unfortunate incident is expected to come out in the upcoming months.

So what does this incident teach us? let us analyze…

One thing quite evident is that no matter how successful one is in their field, they are not shielded from mental health issues. Depression is a severe issue that shouldn’t be underestimated at any cost. Everyone should have at least one person in their lives to confide literally everything about them.

This will be useful in tracking the suicidal symptoms during the initial stages only and the affected person can get the required professional assistance in time. Also, the need to be kind to others during the hard times is another lesson we can learn from this incident. Likewise, we can imbibe certain qualities and make sure that no one around us will take such an extreme step in the future. 

Now moving on, here are some of the unknown facts about our beloved actor, Sushant Singh Rajput-

15 Amazing Facts About ‘SUPERSTAR’ Sushant Singh Rajput

  • Sushant used to be a background dancer in his initial days. His first appearance before the screens was in a serial ‘Kis Desh Mein Hai Dil Mera’ in which he played the role of Preet Juneja. Later he bagged the lead role in the serial ” Pavitra Rishta and became a household name in the television world.

  • Sushant was very passionate about astronomy and physics and his Instagram posts act as an alibi to this fact. His Insta bio reads “Photon In Double Slit”. He even purchased an expensive, Boeing 737 Fixed Base Flight Simulator in 2018.
  • During his educational journey, Sushanth was once a National Olympiad Winner in Physics.
  • Sushant achieved AIR (All India Rank) 7 in one of the most competitive engineering entrance in India.
  • The talented actor was also versatile in many fields as he took martial art lessons from Allan Ami. He took acting classes from Barry John in Delhi.
  • Sushant had 3 films in his kitty at the time of this incident. One of them is Dil Bechara, which is going to release on the Disney+Hotstar platform on July 24th. The platform has decided to air it for free as an ode of respect to the actor.
  • Sushant has made donations over 3 crore INR which are known to public. He might have made even more as neither him nor media covered his work apart from his movie life.
  • Sushant’s net worth is reportedly around 60 Crore Rs and he has got luxury cars like Maserati (company’s logo somewhat resembles with the Trishula – weapon of Lord Mahadeva and Sushant was huge believer of Lord Mahadeva) and Range Rover.

  • Sushant is one of those rare celebrities which has been recognised by Instagram. Sushant’s Instagram account is now honoured with “Remembering Tag”.
  • Sushant was an ambidextrous (an ability to write with both hands simultaneously and merely 1% of the population can actually achieve this ability).
  • Half Girlfriend (A movie based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel) was first given to Sushant but it’s still not clearly known if he denied it due to schedules or the film was snatched from him.
  • Sushant used to be very close with their fans. Such as humble person he was!
  • Sushant had sent 4 students to space camp USA as it was his dream. Really commendable. Wish we could appreciate your work when you were with us.

Sushant was talented, humble and one of the most down to earth celebrity ever existed in bollywood. Sushant was too good for this world and maybe the world couldn’t afford him neither deserved such gem.

Sushant is still alive in our hearts. Millions of hearts. Forever.

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