Blink As Much In 7 Seconds Tiktok Challenge : All You Need To Know

Blink As Much In 7 Seconds Tiktok

There is certainly no dearth of fresh challenges for social media users these days. In a matter of just a blink of an eye, a new challenge or trend seems to take birth.

It does look like someone took this very literally, as they made this new blink as much in 7 seconds challenge. This challenge is the latest rage and trending one across multiple social media platforms.

Due to its relatively fair fun quotient, people are actively creating videos and participating in this challenge. You guys might have come across these kinds of mini videos on Instagram and TikTok over the last few days. I guess many of you also wish to participate in this challenge but are not able to find the way yet for making one such flawless blink video.

I assure you that you have reached the perfect destination. This space is your one-stop destination for all those details on how to make a video to complete this intriguing challenge. So without further ado let us delve into the details now.

Firstly, the challenge requires you to make a mini video of 7 seconds, during which you are required to continuously blink your eyes. 

Yes, it as simple as it sounds. But currently, there is no ready-made filter available on the TikTok platform. You need to summon other social media apps like Instagram in order to finish creating the video for this challenge.

Let us now see the procedure for making one such video. Initially, open your Instagram application in your mobile handsets. If you cannot find any user who has already finished this challenge then you can search for a user named Yana Mishkinis. Then open the blink challenge video of that user, at the bottom of your screens you can see an option “try yourself”, so select that option and you will be good to go for starting the video-making process.

Tip : Check out this soulmate effect post to get better clarity on how to find and apply such type of Instagram filters.

Now you will see a timer of 7 seconds and a calculator that displays the number of times you blink in those 7 seconds.

Now just record the video of the 7 seconds duration and keep blinking until the end of that duration. With this, you will finish the recording process, now save the video on to your internal memory, that is, your gallery.

Now you can share the video on the Instagram post also. For posting on TikTok go to the application, press the upload button, and open this recorded video. Now follow the regular procedure of uploading by adding an appropriate caption, hashtags, and you are set to finish the challenge.

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