Tiktok Broom Challenge & It’s Connection With NASA : Everything You Need To Know

tiktok broom challenge explained

In the world of infinite challenges, yet another challenge broke the internet again. It is the second time when people have started uploading weird videos of their brooms standing on one of its end. The challenge is born eight years before through twitter and it is now resurfaced again through Tiktok.

So What’s This Broom Challenge?


I can’t believe this worked 😭 ##broomchallenge ##broom ##nasa @gymshark

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Broom challenge is a social trend challenge which was once broke the internet in the year 2012 and now again in the year 2020. In this challenge people try to balance or maintain the balance of their household brooms on one of its end and eagerly wait to see their broom to get stumbled and fall.

You might see people dancing around the broom when it is upright standing in one of its end. It is kind of weird but successful enough since many stars including DJ Khaled is found balancing his broom upside down in one of his twitter post.

What is the reason and myth before it?

This all has started with a rumour of NASA that due to the actions of gravitational forces of Venus and Jupiter in a particular day of the year the household broom could stand in one of its end for the whole day. It was nothing more than just a typical foolish rumour but a wave of social media users were found in the year 2012, trying to balance their household brooms in one end.

There is not a single evidence that proves NASA has made this statement and the people who are obsessed with this might know this but they consider it as a parody of the rumour that becomes viral.

As the rumour spreads along with the trend, more and more people are seen posting the particular related video of their household broom. In some of the social media platforms it is highly criticised along with the foolish behaviour of the people who are obsessed with it but they should consider the point that it just for fun and joy not for the infamous publicity of the rumour to other platforms.

Reappearance in 2020

Once the craze was over considering that the theory was just a rumour and there is not a single approval of NASA about it the same trend resurfaced in the February of 2020, when again the rumour made its way through the headlines and posts of notary figures. The viral theory states that 10th February 2020 is the only day in which the household broom could easily stand in one of its end upright.

In despite of the absence of any evidences the theory was widely assumed as proposed by NASA.

Why did the broom actually stands in the video if is just a rumor?

People might think that it is a hoax that makes the broom stands still, but it is not impossible to make a broom to stand upright on one of its end; consistent dedicated practice can make it possible and it is not necessary that 10th of February is reserved for this.

It is a trend emerged from a rumour of a false theory but it’s quite noticeable how it makes its way in articles and headlines!

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