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Are you willing to try online betting games, and not sure what and how you’d be doing so? So today we are discussing one of its kinds of the betting games that are there — the crash betting games.

So What Are The Crash Betting Games?

You ought to know that betting comes in a wide variety of forms. Crash betting, as its name suggests, uses the idea of rising and falling of your “betting curve” to give the output. A lot of these games come with cryptocurrencies betting. They deal in BTC, ETH and some of them also give wallets and purchase options.

The crash symbolises the collapse of all your betting money. If the game has crashed without you cashing out your betted amount, you’ve just lost it. So conscious players are wary and attentive to the details and enter such games with a lot of planning. 

These games, as suggested, need to be planned neatly. There can be a number of different ideas on formulating a guaranteed money-making plan in playing the game. You can make a threshold cash-out preference, that is, say your game would cash out on its own whenever your bet has tripled in its value — if you’re content with whatever you’re earning and not wanting to make an empire out of your very first game, that is. A modest gameplay should be your best bet in the bet games. 

Amount limits

Another one is setting a limit to the game bets. A man has to know his constraints. You cannot be greedy for some more, when you know you aren’t going to be winning 10 out of 10 times. Say whenever you’re in a losing spree, sometimes in the heat of the moment, you’d want to bet even higher as to recover your losses. This is more of an emotional connect — you just cannot do without. A rational theme to this is to not get carried away after either losing or winning a lot, but set the maximum bets you’d be making for a day/month. In this way, you’ll be able to keep a level-head both when you’re winning or losing. 

Calculated risks 

There are some other calculated risks that you can take. One of them which goes by the name “Martingale theory” suggests that you gradually lower your betting amount as you keep winning. Say you just won BTC worth $5. Instead of getting carried away and betting $10 in the heat, try and consider how much you’d lose if you lost the considered bet. You’d not only lose all your winnings but also end up losing more out of your pockets. This is when the Martingale theory comes into the picture. You’ll place a lower bet now, preferably such that even you’re going to lose, your net savings will always be a plus. 

Modesty is the best policy 

You’ll get the crash-betting basics in no time, but good luck with trying to decide the winning algorithm. Those players who take betting by modesty tend to win more. Cashing out before the system crashes is always a good idea, rather than waiting for the sum to multiply manifold times. Remember to make small gains, one at a time for Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Begin with cheap bets

If I had $10 in my wallet then I would have bet just $0.5 initially and cashed out at 1.1 or 1.2X multiplier. This way you will have higher chances of winning.

$10 with $0.5 in bets will give you 20 full chances to play and there are very high chances that you will make enough money by limiting your multiplier to 1.1 to 1.2 in those 20 chances.

Now when you make more money than what you had in wallet, you can use that surplus money to place bets with high multiplier like 1.5-2. Hope you got the idea.

Best Crash Betting Games In USA

#1. Roobet

By far, this is the best site you would want to play especially for crash betting. It has absolutely stunning graphics and no other website on the internet that deals with crash betting is anywhere near to Roobet in terms of user interface.

Roobet is not allowed to play in USA & UK but you can use VPN to bypass the restriction. However, do your own research before following our advice.

Click the button below to signup for Roobet. After that you can use promo code ‘roobetfree‘ for getting free bonus.

#2. TrustDice

If you had played on Roobet previously and then trying TrustDice, you will be little bit disappointed. The game UI is not as good as Roobet but it does the job.

While Roobet just supports deposits via BTC & ETH, TrustDice accepts deposits via major popular altcoins.

So if for some reasons, you are not happy with Roobet, you can try out TrustDice.

#3. NanoGames & BustaBit

Nanogames & Bustabit should be your choice if above 2 options are not working for you.

We highly recommend you to deposit small amount before making any big bets.

Hope you got what you were looking for. Drop us a comment below if you have any doubts or want to share something related with crash betting. Cheers!

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