Tiktok Flip The Switch Challenge Explained | Top 5 Funny Video Compilations

funny flip the switch challenges tiktok

Lately, TikTok users have been shaking their legs to a trendy dance challenge. There are high chances that you might have already come across this challenge as it was unveiled some time back.

Yes, we are talking about the viral #fliptheswitch challenge here. The intriguing challenge has its roots in the popular track “Nonstop” which was released in 2018 and was composed by Canadian rap artist Drake. The opening part of the lyrics of this song contains the sentence “I just flipped the switch”. The TikTokers instantly fell in love with this catchy tune and lyrics of this song and then turned it into a new challenge that went viral on TikTok within no time.

Most of the challenges in TikTok are either for displaying unique skills of the users or fun related stuff, which are primarily produced for lighthearted entertainment purposes. Now those of you who are not aware of this challenge might be wondering what this challenge actually is? So for all of you guys, let us first try to get to know more about the flip the switch challenge and then learn about the procedure on how to successfully finish it.

As we have seen above the challenge has default lyrics that need to be used by everyone without fail. But that doesn’t mean you can’t showcase your creative skills while creating the video. You can add your own flavour to the video and can make customised versions by following the basic rules mandatory for the challenge.

How To Perform Flip The Switch Challenge?

This challenge does require two people in order to finish it. Also, a mirror is one of the prerequisites for the completion of this task. So at first the two people involved in the challenge need to stand in front of a mirror. One person should stand close to the mirror, that is, just in front of it. They also need to hold their mobile phones in a still position in order to record the video for completing the task.

Meanwhile the other person who is behind the first person should dance to the music until the singer Drake sings the opening lyrics of the song, “Look, I just flipped a switch.” At this moment the lights will go OFF. Then when the lights are back ON both the partners need to switch their positions, that is, the person previously in the front will go behind and the person who was behind initially will stand in front of the mirror this time around. Also, they will switch their outfits and then they will take the same pose that the placeholder was in when the lights went OFF.

This concludes the challenge. Many celebrities have taken up this challenge and finished it successfully. So we urge you to take up this fun challenge and have a gala time with your partner in this testing time.

Top 5 Funny Flip The Switch Challenge Videos

Here’s Logan Paul’s funny video demonstrating flip the switch challenge. This video has got 3.9 Million likes!


we had to @friendlyneighborhoodevan ##fyp ##foryou

♬ Nonstop – Drake

This funny video by Holly Allen has got whopping 1.1 Million likes on Tiktok.


who’s prettier though? 🤔 ##fliptheswitch ##fliptheswitchchallenge ##ijustflippedtheswitch ##ijustfliptheswitch ##flippedtheswitch @jackson_michie

♬ Nonstop – Drake

This is hilarious!


Nada anormal por aquí… ##fliptheswitch ##fliptheswitchchallenge @lenay

♬ Nonstop – Drake



It was international woman’s day yesterday and I forgot to post, so instead here’s us trying to be funny and enjoy a tiktok trend 😂 Love you chica ❤️

♬ Nonstop – Drake

And the last one in this list…


Flip the switch ##fyp @madisynmenchaca

♬ Nonstop – Drake

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