Foreigner’s Challenge in Tiktok : Everything You Need To Know

tiktok foreigner's challenge explained

Each month Tiktok witnesses a new trend of viral challenges. From this wide stack of challenges, one of the trending challenges in the month of April is the ‘Foreigner challenge’. The challenge began appearing in the other social media platforms such as Reddit and YouTube and continued its pace in other social media platforms too. 

In this quarantine and isolation, where people spend most of their recreation time in social media, this trend emerged as a big viral. A number of Tiktok stars are seen performing this; some of them get apologised for doing the same too. 

So What’s This ‘Foreigner’s Challenge’?

‘Foreigner challenge’ is a social media trend in which minor boys and girls shoot and post sexually explicit videos while an English rap song “Foreigner” of an American rapper “Pop Smoke” is playing at the background.

The challenge includes young boys and girls making a ‘funimate’ about them with the ‘Foreigner’ song playing at the back. Funimate is also an app which allows its users to edit a number of photographs and videos or combine it with a short video or just a clip, to get a long video.

The video is first edited with the help of the Funimate app and then posted on different platforms such as in Instagram and Tiktok. The challenge has started with just selfies and short videos of teenagers but now it comes in its most extreme form.

In a short span of time the videos of many of the noticeable Tiktok stars gone viral and broke the internet. The videos started gaining much comments and likes as the popularity under the confined boundaries spread. At first, the challenge seemed to be a matter of fun and just for entertainment but when the negative attention influenced such videos they are often equated with adult material and this led to the introduction of controversies in this arena.   

Why ‘Foreigner Challenge’ Is Considered Disagreeable?

Meanwhile, YouTube star Drama Kween posted a video of her defaming the viral challenge and begging to put a break on the challenge.

Including her, many other Tiktok stars and a large audience is criticising the challenge openly as it is exposing the teenagers and minors by s*xually explicit videos of them.

In the norms and Terms & Conditions of the Tiktok app, it is crystal clear that such content is prohibited in the app to protect the minors for cyber bullying and mainly to ensure their protection. It becomes a big issue when those videos are going viral in other social media platforms too and gaining wide negative attention.

In the recent times there has been argues and debates for teenager’s security over the internet, especially on the social platforms like that of in Tiktok. It is quite obvious to notice that the emergence of arguments for banning the ‘Foreigner challenge’ have given path for such arguments too. 

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