Netflix Predicts Your Future Challenge Is Going Viral On Tiktok : Here Is How You Can Do It

Netflix predicts future tiktok challenge

Netflix and TikTok are definitely among the top 5 entertainment sources for people around the world today. Their popularity increased by multiple folds due to the quarantine situation prevailing across the nations. 

The ever-innovative TikTokers came up with a fresh challenge which requires one to use both TikTok and Netflix in order to complete the challenge.

This viral trend has become popular ever since its inception and the users have been flooding the TikTok app with their versions of this challenge via video. So what is this viral trend all about? Let us see now. 

This latest trend has been called as the Psychic TV challenge and has been making rounds in TikTok and some other social media platforms. Basically, in this challenge, the users get to know about their future destiny through their Netflix accounts and the result of these challenges has been highly amusing until now.  

Let us now see how we can successfully finish this eccentric challenge on TikTok.

Steps To Perform Netflix Predicts Your Future Challenge


Watch till the end!! Why was this so accurate 😂😂 ##fyp ##fy ##foryoupage ##viral ##prediction ##netflixpredicts ##netflix should I do another one ?

♬ original sound – aaliyahjamil


First, open the Netflix app or website and log in to your account. Then go to the search option and type the first letter of your name in that space. Now a list will appear on the screen comprising the shows and movies that start with the same letter as the first letter of your name.


Consequently, you need to choose a number between 1 and 10 and then pick a show accordingly. Now open that show on Netflix, in case the chosen series has more than one season, then again select a number between one and the latest season. Now open that particular season.


After this, you need to choose an episode. For that, you have to pick up a number between 1 and the final episode in that season. Finally, select a particular minute from the duration of the video chosen, say  35th minute (let us assume total video duration to be 41 minutes). Now fast forward the video to that particular time frame and then that will show your future to you.

This bizarre challenge was first introduced by a TikToker named Grace Bergie in April this year and the video has since become viral and garnered over 10 million views until now.

Here’s the original video of this challenge from where the trend began:


It cut off but we LOST OUR SHIT THIS IS REAL WAIT TILL THE END PLEASE ##fyp ##netflix

♬ original sound – gracebergie

Tiktoker’s Reactions On This Challenge

I did it, i got a scene with a girl that crying because she haven’t talked to her mother in 6 months.i haven’t talk to mine in a year. guess it worked

CHKH – Tiktok User

So I did this and forgot I did this and ended up watching the rest of the movie without realizing I’m smart haha

Camren21 – Tiktok User

Mine was someone being mugged then killed, and then a detective saying, “here today, gone tomorrow.”

Morgan Kulka

I went to the movie “click” and 1 hour and 15 minutes and it said “heart attack” and every female in my family dies from those 😂


Anyways as you all might have already guessed, like most of the challenges on TikTok this is also just a fun challenge but not a serious one. Not only are the TikTokers participating in this challenge actively, but they are also using this as a means to prank or make fun of their friends as the end result of these challenges are mostly hilarious.

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