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What’s Pink Whale Challenge? Here’s The Task List For 50 Days

pink whale challenge

Negativity has been on the rise over the last couple of months around the world.

People have been reeling under duress, stress, and frustration caused by the dreadful pandemic Covid-19. Many relationships are being disturbed, damaged, and ruined due to this situation. Unemployment is also on the rise again as many establishments are looking to cut their expenses, which are resulting in layoffs across many enterprises.

All these factors have been leading to an increase of negativity in certain individuals’ lives. Good and bad co-exist in every domain of life. Social media networks come under one such entity that can spread positivity as well as negativity in similar quantities.

It all depends on the authors of the posts and their intentions. In the past, we have seen the blue whale challenge circulating extensively on social media networks. The topic of discussion for today is, Pink Whale challenge.

The basic concept of this was derived from the blue whale challenge. To be more precise, both are opposite in every sense. As part of the Blue Whale challenge, participants had to finish several psychologically eerie tasks and then ultimately led some people to commit suicide. It killed many adolescent populations around the world and was a medium of negativity.

In contrast to that, the Pink whale challenge is like a vaccine to its predecessor as it has been circulating cool virtues like positivity, hope, and optimism among the participants.

During such stressful periods, people must spread as much positivity as possible to help others. Social distancing is one of the most important criteria for safety today, so communication mediums have changed predominantly. Social media networks are being extensively used by people to talk, chat, and share things with their friends, colleagues, and even family members in some cases. It is thus imperative for people to keep things positive during these sessions.

So what is this Pink Whale Challenge?

Let us find some answers now.

To start with this was originated in Brazil and is also called “Baleia Rosa”. It is basically an antidote to the blue whale challenge. You just need to login to the game using your email id and then the details of the challenge will be mailed directly.

Upon successfully verifying your email account it sends you a list of challenges in a calendar format, you are required to finish the challenges as prescribed to finish the overall game. As far as I know, this game is not there anymore but someone has come up with the list of 50 tasks and it has got overwhelming response from all over the world.

Here’s The List Of Tasks To Be Performed Under Pink Whale Challenge:

Some of the challenges are like – have a dessert after dinner, wake up early to watch the sunrise, etc. It prescribes such a list with activities daily for 50 days and on completion one will be thankful for life and the suicidal tendencies are supposed to be nullified.

Many of us are stuck at homes for an indefinite time so why not try this positive and super fun challenge and then one can even share it on social media platforms to help your friends.

Here’s are some of the sweetest people who have started completing these tasks:

Written by Balkrishna

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