Tiktok Inverted Filter Explained With Best Video Compilations

tiktok inverted filter

Looks like there is no end in sight at least in the near future for the eternal love saga of TikTok filters and fun challenges. They have almost become customary nowadays as every other day there is some new challenge or filter on and around the horizon to entertain TikTokers.

The pandemic induced lockdowns have also played a major role in the emergence of more and more filters/effects these days. But at the end of the day, its primary motive is to provide entertainment to loyal followers of TikTok.

So now let us move on to the latest trending filter on the platform, which is the Inverted filter. #inverted has been a highly popular trend on the TikTok platform as it has already garnered northwards of 2.9 Billion views and millions of likes on videos related to this filter.

Often the filters and effects on TikTok or on Instagram for that matter are applied to visually enhance the output product in an attractive way. At least that’s what we have seen on most occasions until now. But antithesis is always present everywhere. The Inverted filter comes under this category only as it challenges the conventional way of the usage of the filters.

Let us now get to know more about this latest filter to obtain a clear idea.


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Do you love your reflection? If yes, then use the latest #Inverted Creative Effect filter and flip your face to check for yourself and later post the video on your profile in order to share the fun with your followers and fellow TikTokers.

Many TikTokers have been posting hilarious, sad, and sarcastic reviews of the inverted filter. For instance, some of the users posted this after their experience with the filter – I’m low key crying at how ugly I am, I’m really sad, I now get why I’m single and similar comments were made. These clearly show that unlike routine filters this inverted filter functions in a different manner. Now let us see the procedure to find and use this filter on TikTok.

First of all, launch the TikTok app on your mobile handsets and click on the plus sign, as usual, to upload a video on to the platform.
The users are advised to use Portrait mode for recording videos. Now after this, there will be an option at the bottom of the screen named “effects”.

Tap on that tab and then you will be able to see various effects in the options. Scroll through the face filters section and then select the inverted filter option on that list.

Now abiding your routine procedure, finish the recording and uploading process of a video. Some users have been complaining that they are not able to find the inverted filter in their account’s effects tab. There is absolutely no need to worry if that is the case. A simple solution for this problem is available. Just search for inverted filters videos in the search bar and then select one of the videos in that list appeared. In the video there will be “inverted filter” option at the bottom, click on that and then select “add to filters” and bingo, your problem is solved.

Written by Balkrishna

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