Have You Tried This New Tiktok Lip Filler Effect?

lip filler effect tiktok

Lip filler is a widely popular beauty trend amongst girls and women. Social media platforms have developed the filter for the same. The filter is widely used in social media platforms especially on Instagram and Tiktok. You might be wondering that what exactly this lip filler filter is? Don’t worry! Continue with the post to get answers of all your queries.

big lips tiktok filter

What is Lip Filler?

Lip filler is a beauty trend that became widely popular due to the transformation of the Kylie Jenner’s lips. The trend is being adopted by girls and women worldwide but those who don’t want to go through all these surgeries can get the same effect through the virtual Tiktok filters. The surgery makes the lips look a little bit bigger by filling. It is widely called the lip filler surgery.

Tiktok Lip Filler Filter

Lip filler filter is the best alternative for those who don’t want the lip filler permanently. The filter is available on Instagram and from the same platform it is being widely used in different other platforms. Lip filler filter is amongst one of those beauties filters that have gone viral and it is quite obvious since ‘lip filler’ is already a craze among girls.

The filter is actually christened as ‘modern ideal’ filter but it is popularly known as the ‘lip filler filter’.

Does Tiktok Have Lip Filler Effect Built-in?

I know it might hurt you a little bit, but unfortunately Tiktok does not have the same filter (as of now). But don’t get upset since there is an alternative way through which you can get the same filter for your videos.

Yet Tiktok does not has the personal lip filler filter on its platform but you can take the help of Instagram for the same. If you are wondering how to get the ‘lip filler filter’ on Instagram, Just follow along!

  1. Open Instagram and click on the ‘My story’ option at the topmost corner of the landing homepage.
  2. Slide through the various different filters available in Instagram up to the magnifying glass ‘search’ icon at the bottom.
  3. Tap the search bar to continue your search process. On the search bar type the keyword of the filter which is ‘Modernideal’, you will certainly see the filter made by @nikita4jakviev. The following steps are quite easy and you might know already.
  4. You need to just click on the filter and press the ‘Try it’ button to apply the filter. Now you are all done.

How To Export This Effect To Tiktok?

This is the most important segment and also the simplest one. You need to just link the Instagram with Tiktok. After you have applied the filter on Instagram story save the same video to your camera roll and upload it in Tiktok. Quite simple! Isn’t it?


This is one of the widely used filters but unfortunately it is unavailable in Tiktok. Maybe Tiktok will surprise us with this filter in its upcoming updates but for now we need to assist Instagram for the same.

I hope you get all your queries solved by this post. Be regular with us to get the latest updates about Tiktok. For any other queries, let us know through the comment section below.

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