What Is Tiktok Megaphone Effect & How To Get It? Top 5 Video Compilations

tiktok megaphone effect

Due to the current situation around the globe, people have somewhat become addicted to the TikTok app due to its amusement trait. The app never disappoints its loyal uses and comes up with exciting features, challenges, and effects in order to keep its users glued to the platform.

The cult favorite lip sync video sharing platform has been growing steadily in terms of its userbase in the last few years and has already established itself as one of the leading social media networks in today’s world. In order to keep the growth moving in the forward path the TikTok team keeps reinventing the app and keeps adding fresh filters, effects, and other features to give its users a pleasant experience on a day to day basis.

You might have come across a few videos in recent times in which the audio might have sounded a bit different from usual ones we encounter on the TikTok.  Yes, we are talking about the latest audio effect available on the platform, which has been trending enormously on the app in the recent past.

You must have come across a video on which the hosts’ voice sounds like as though the person is talking on a mobile phone rather than a normal voice. This new effect is known as the Megaphone effect and it is quickly becoming a favorite of TikTokers around the world due to its distinctive features.

Tiktok Megaphone Effect Explained

So what exactly is the Megaphone effect? it is analogous to other voice filters on the app. It just transforms your voice like it was recorded during a phone call and then you can add the output to your video easily.

Now let us see how we can use this Megaphone effect on the platform and make an interesting video with this unique filter.

Firstly, open the TikTok app on your mobile handset. Then click on “+” and start recording a video. Now after you finished recording your TikTok video in a regular manner, select the ‘checkmark’ option to proceed further.

There will be an option on the top right of your mobile screens, named Filters. Below that you will be able to see a  “voice effects” option which is our destination for now.

Select that option, then all the available voice filters will appear on your screen. You can choose the appropriate effect from that list now. As we desire to use the megaphone effect here, you need to press the “Megaphone Effect” option which is situated in the fourth position in chronology in that list.

After you have selected the filter, it will automatically convert the original audio track of your TikTok video into the desired mobile phone recording like audio. You have the luxury to select from several intriguing filters like Electronic, Echo, and Chipmunk to name a few. 

After you select the type of filter then just press the “Next” option available at the bottom of your screens. Then you can follow the regular protocol and add hashtags, captions, etc to your video and then publish it on the platform.

Top Tiktok Megaphone Effect Compilations


HOW DID THIS HAPPEN I THOUGHT IT WAS GONNA SOUND BAD IM SCARED ##fyp ##voiceeffects ##megaphone ##singing

♬ original sound – kalisheppard

##voiceeffects saw a few people including @kavyaborra doing the megaphone effect for this & wanted to try:) ##foryou ##foryoupage ##music ##megaphone

♬ original sound – haileycatherinemusic

please tell me someone understands ##britneyspears ##voicefilter ##megaphone

♬ original sound – naomiwinders

why dis kinda vibey doe 😳 ##voiceeffects ##megaphone ##fyp

♬ original sound – miacherisehall

cant wait to hear this again x ##megaphone ##fyp##voiceeffects

♬ original sound – burns517

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