Tiktok Soulmate Effect : All You Need To Know

tiktok soulmate effect

There is never a dearth of fresh special effects, filters, and challenges on the ever popular TikTok app. The latest fad among the TikTokers is the soulmate filter which has been grabbing the attention of many TikTok users due to its intriguing backdrop.

If you are an avid user of the TikTok app then there are high chances that you came across many videos related to this new filter with hashtags like #soulmate, #Whereisyoursoulmate, etc in the last few days. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to find their soulmate beforehand albeit in a fun way using their favorite TikTok app. If you are not yet familiar with how to use this filter, you have reached the right destination. So in this article today we will be sharing some interesting information about the latest soulmate filter on TikTok and also the procedure about how to successfully use it on the platform and find your soulmate. 

Let us now get into the details about the soulmate filter. This filter is not only trending on the TikTok app but it has become viral even on the Instagram platform in recent past.

Let us see how this filter generally works. When used, it shows some arbitrary messages on your screen like “right behind you” or giving you info about locations like 3 miles away and all.  It is an intriguing special filter which can be tried out in order to maximize your user experience on the social media platforms and then sharing them with your friends and acquaintances.

Actually, the filter is not directly available on the TikTok app. Generally, users of the TikTok create videos on the parent TikTok app itself for posting on that platform. But some times in order to get some extra features and all that are not available in the TikTok app, users do look for other video editing and compiling apps to satisfy their requirements in the creative process while filming their content.

Likewise, the soulmate filter videos are being created using the Instagram platform as it is not available in a readymade manner on the TikTok app.  Even on Instagram, the filter is not available directly. You need to search for the filter in the stories and then choose one of the videos with this filter.

Steps To Get Soulmate Effect

  1. Visit This Instagram Account First

    You want to visit first.

  2. Click on Filters Icon

    After clicking on face filters icon, you will find a post with Soulmate Radar icon.

  3. Try It!

    Just click on Try it to start adding this effect to your Instagram videos.


After this just open the Instagram camera for recording your video and select the soulmate filter in the filter’s section. Now you can finish recording the video successfully. You can either upload it on the Instagram platform directly or you can save the video on to your phone gallery. You can now upload the video on TikTok and successfully finish this latest trending challenge.

Some Of The Best Soulmate Filter Video Compilations


my fiancée passed away in February, i wear his thumbprint&mywedding ring on my necklace. (saw someone else do this) ##foryoupage ##soulmate

♬ original sound – kenziemm2

currently crying ##foryoupage ##soulmate

♬ original sound – kenziemm2

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