Tiktok Stitch Effect Lets You Combine 2 Videos That Easily Go Viral

tiktok stitch effect explained

Routine TikTok users might have noticed a new trend in recent times, the kind of videos compiled by combining 2 different videos. These types of videos have attracted the attention of the TikTok universe in a mighty fashion as the videos with #stitch have garnered an astonishing 4.9 billion views until now. This apparently illustrates the popularity of this stitch feature in the TikTok app. Many of you might not be completely aware of the actual working of this feature.

This particular feature has become an instant hit and can also be utilized in your videos as a special ingredient to spice them up. Few of the users have been complaining on the online forums that they are not able to find this feature in their app.

So for all those people, here is an instant solution, you just need to make sure you have the latest version of the TikTok app downloaded. If that is the case then you will definitely get the stitch option feature in your app. Now read on further to explore the technique about how to use the feature and increase your followers and popularity in the TikTok universe.

So first, let’s see what is the prime functionality of this Stitch feature.

Basically using the stitch feature we can combine two different videos and make it into one TikTok post.

To be more precise, we need to select a random video from TikTok and then choose a 5-second interval in that video and then record a mini 3-second video of yourself and at last, both these videos are merged by stitch feature to give a single video which can be posted on your TikTok profile.

This looks trivial but the significant thing here is selecting the primary video for trimming. Generally, you need to select a video that is already viral or famous if you want your new post to go viral.

Now after selecting a viral video, click on share option. You can now see the report, not interested, duet, and stitch options in the same order at the bottom of the screens. Select the stitch option.

Then you are required to choose the most interesting part of that video to cover a duration of 5 seconds. Then create a new video of yourself or add a pre-recorded video of 3 seconds length to finish making a video using this feature.

The second video for instance might consist of a reaction from you or a funny reaction of some creature to add some spice to the original video. You can also add appropriate text to this video. Now you need to complete standard things like appending a caption, hashtags, and all to the video and then you can post it on to your account.

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