Tiktok Water Eye Trick & Compilation Videos : This Is How You Can Do It Too

tiktok water eye effect

Creating virally trending content and popularising hashtags have been TikTok’s go-to weapons when it comes to maintaining its numero uno position in its domain. There is something for everyone on this app as people can participate in crazy challenges such as the broom challenge, raindrop challenge and numerous dance and lip-syncing challenges which proves that all age group people have something fun for them to do in it.

The best part of this app is that anyone can do anything even if they are not experts in any respective skill, that is, people who do not possess innate dancing, and any other relevant skills can also create content and have fun by sharing stuff with their followers and fans on the platform. Even many international cricketers like David Warner and Yuzvendra Chahal have been actively using the Tiktok app and are entertaining their fans around the world during these testing times.

So today in this space we are going to see about one such viral trend which has become immensely popular among most of the TikTok users worldwide. Yes, we are talking about the Water eye challenge. Many of you guys must be wondering about how to do this water eye task successfully. In the upcoming moments, we are going to share a detailed procedure about the technique to create water eyes for your TikTok videos.


The flash really hurt my eye please like this ❤️. The water drop really works!!

♬ original sound – ådy

Now let us get into the method, first of all, you need to keep the following items ready to start the process. The items are a smartphone with a functioning camera, a glass beaker filled with water, and a cotton swab (Q-tip).

Now switch on the camera on your phone and select the slow mode option with the camera’s flash ON. At this stage start the recording and place the phone upside down on a flat surface. Next, you need to take the Q-tip, dip it in the water contained in the beaker, and then uniformly quote a layer of water on the surface of the camera.

Now you just bend on to the camera and see through it with your eyes almost near the surface of the camera and position exactly above the camera. This way you can create a water eye video, it might take a few tries to get a perfect version so try patiently.

Now after creating this, you can go to the TikTok and open your account. Select the upload option now and then pick the video you created a while back. You have the liberty to trim it and choose any specific portion of that video according to your requirements. After this, you can add music to your content, you can select from the app library or you can add a piece of custom music from your phone. Now your water eye video is ready and you can upload it on the TikTok to share it with your fans and followers.

So this is a simple trick which can be used by anyone at their homes and is also very feasible as it does not require any fancy apparatus. Here are some of the best water eye challenges you would want to see before trying out yourself.

Tiktok Water Eye Effect Compilations


Was schauen eure Eltern immer ?👀❄️##snow ##winter ##eye

♬ original sound – ådy


♬ original sound – ådy

What is the color of your eyes? Mine Is Green!💚 ##foryou

♬ original sound – ådy

##foyou ##foryourpage ##fyp which part pf your body do you like best?

♬ original sound – ådy

Después de mil intentos😂 ##eyes ##colombia ##comedy ##60segundosdevida ##comedia ##canada

♬ original sound – ådy

Please do not perform this act more than once as it may cause irritation to your eyes. Thanks for being with us!

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