How To Add Text To Tiktok Slideshow?

how to add text to tiktok slideshow

We watch, we react and obviously we make our own videos in Tiktok. But very often, while making our own video, we feel a lack of some significant options and features in Tiktok; we get amazed when we ultimately see the same option in the recent updates of Tiktok. But sometimes some features already exist and we don’t have a clue about it.

Maybe you are using Tiktok and spending a significant time in editing your videos in Tiktok, you might don’t know about some of these features.

For such problems and queries we always come up with new ‘how to do’ modules and guides regularly to feed the necessity of every Tiktoker. In this module we get to see some new editing features of slideshow which helps you to add texts over your slides. So, what we are waiting for now?

Let’s get started!!!

Some of the Tiktokers use certain other ‘third party applications’ or software for the same but let me clear it out, at the end of this module you don’t need to do the same. Let’s see what are the easy ways to add text over a slideshow.

6 Easy Steps To Add Text In Tiktok Slideshow

Firstly, open your Tiktok account and log in to your ID. After getting successfully logged in, you need to compose or make a slideshow in which you need your text to be displayed. To compose a slideshow video, click on the plus ‘+’ button at the bottom center of the screen.

This will ultimately take you to the recording screen. Tap on the upload icon, adjacent to the big red button at the center. Now you have a long list of all of your videos and photos in a wide gallery.

For videos click on the ‘video’ option at the top. But we don’t need a single video. Click on the ‘multiple’ button at the bottom left corner. You certainly know why since we need to add more than just one video or photo for making a slideshow.

 Now you can see small circles on the top right of any of your video or photograph, with much care choose the video or photo you need to put into your slide. Please consider that, you will choose the content in the particular order, the order which you need in the slideshow.

After selecting each of your content you need to click the red next button at the bottom of the screen.

As soon as you click the next option, you can see other features or filters which you can apply in your slideshow. Now, we finally reached our real destination. How to add text to your slideshow? For this you need to do nothing but just click on the ‘Aa’ button at the filters bar.

This is the ‘Text button’. Add text whatever you need over the slideshow and post your video by following the same. It’s a little bit longer but also quite easy. Finally, we need not consider any hoax or trick for this.


You have seen a particular easy peasy method for adding text in your slideshow. As I have promised before you need not any ‘third party app’ for this.

I hope this post introduced you to this new feature which you might don’t know before. We will update you regularly with such features. For any other queries let us know through the comment section below.

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