How To Make A Group Chat On Tiktok?

tiktok group chat option

Chatting is not only a primary requirement but is also one of the basic entities needed in any social media platform. The users of these media generally like to communicate with their peers through texts and emoticons. So in almost every famous social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc, there is a messaging tool to enable users to communicate on the platform and discuss anything. Our favorite TikTok app also falls under the same category as it allows its loyal users to converse using a native inbuilt messenger tool. But one drawback TikTok has compared to other social media platforms is that there is no direct group chat option available on it as opposed to Facebook which has an inbuilt group chat option.

But that does not mean you cannot do a group chat on TikTok. There are several techniques and tricks available to do this and we are going to share some of them here in this space today.

TikTokers are generally known for their innovativeness and improvisation skills. The first group chat trick we are going to get to know has been originated from one such improvisation. This even became a popular trend on TikTok during the latter half of 2019 when the users participated in huge numbers in this task and since then this has become a go-to destination for all the people desiring to do group chat on TikTok.

It is a simple and unsophisticated method that can be employed by anyone with aplomb. Basically, the first person creates a video in which he talks stuff and addresses all the people with whom they would like to initiate a group chat with.  Then in the preceding moments, the people who were addressed in the initial video will start responding in the same way, that is by adding videos in which they are seen responding to the previous videos. This trend continues until they reach a definite conclusion in their conversation. This is one of the most trendy and interesting ways to do a group chat on the TikTok platform. Now let us see other ways.

Another common way to communicate with multiple people at the same time is through the comments section. You can just start a conversation through a comment on your friends’ post which might then be converted into a temporary group chat portal when multiple people join that particular conversation.  These both are the most used ways by the TikTok users to enjoy group chatting on the platform. 

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