How To React To A Tiktok Comment In 5 Simple Steps

how to reply to a tiktok comment

Tiktok is the hotspot of millions of musical parodies and other different stuffs of entertainment. People spend a significant time in watching videos and parodies made by other Tiktokers on the same platform and they may ultimately hit the red heart ‘like’ button if the content is likable in their perception. You might have already liked a ton of videos of your favorite Tiktok star, haven’t you?

Commenting on the video is another such feature that makes you express your thoughts more clearly about the content. You are already quite aware of all these common features and might be thinking why am I wasting so much time in these? Well the next feature is the feature which is a little bit hidden and nascent in this arena and Tiktokers might not know much about it. What is this feature is about? Let’s see.

Watching videos and parodies are just one part of the Tiktok experience, the other part lies in the comment section alongside the right corner. You get to see an amount of hilarious and mean comments about the content. Do we post comments on an existing comment there? We surely do. Like many other social media platforms, Tiktok gives its users the liberty to comment on an existing comment in other words ‘replying a comment’.

Wants to know how? Just follow along to get to know it, along with some other handy tips!

3 Easy Steps To Reply A Comment In Tiktok

First and foremost, what you need to consider is that login to your personal account, once you are completely logged in, find the particular parody by scrolling on and on the screen.

Once you will find the appropriate video to post your comment or post a comment on a comment. Click on the ‘speech bubble with three dots’ at the rightmost corner. You will also get to find out how many comments the particular video has already gotten by just simply looking to the number below the bubble. In this case, there are lots of comments. You probably know why. (It’s Charli D’ Amelio).

If you like you can craft and post your personal comment too. But to reply to a particular comment you just need to tap that comment once and a text box will be popped up on to the screen.

The text box reads “Reply to the XXXX (username)”. Now the further stages are quite obvious and clear. You just need to hit the blue “send” button adjacent to the text box. And Voila! You have crafted and posted your reply and joined the conversation. Very easy peasy, Right? You just need to concern about crafting a good comment, the steps are quite easy.


You have seen that you were just a few steps away from posting a reply to a comment and joining the conversation. The steps are quite easy to follow and do not need any extra concern at all!

I hope the post would help you a lot in finding the solution for your query. So, have you replied to any comment? Do you have any query related to it? If yes, let us know through the comment section below.   

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