How To Remove All Followers On Tiktok At Once?

how to remove all followers on tiktok at once

Online bullying has become very common in the last few years as people have been hiding their real identities from the world.

Also, some have been brave enough to comment in unparliamentary language while using their original identities which has helped cybercrime officers to catch them easily. This form of online bullying has become a very big issue for TikTokers, Instagrammers, and users of other such similar social media apps.

Such people also send weird, offensive, and disturbing messages to the people who create and post videos and similar content on their respective social media handles. To some extent, it’s bearable but in some cases when the comments or messages cross lines and are too offensive then people get affected by them and suffer from depression or some other mental health related issues. This form of harassment has been a prevalent issue faced by many TikTokers today.

The messages and comments are generally compiled by people who are already followers of the victim’s account. One of the primary measures one needs to take when they encounter such an issue is that they need to remove the people who are doing that from their follower’s list.

So for all you guys who are facing such issues and want to get to rid of your unwanted followers, this is the right place for you as we will be sharing some techniques here using which you can remove all such followers from your profile.

Sometimes extreme measures need to be taken for tackling sensitive issues, so don’t think twice before removing unwanted fans or followers.

Step #1

First, you need to visit the TikTok app on your mobile phone and open it. Now you need to open your profile page where your basic information is visible. Click on the fans option on that page in order to view all your followers on the TikTok.

Step #2

Now scroll through the list and search for the fan who has been constantly disturbing you, that is, the fan you want to remove from this list.

Step #3

After choosing the fan, click on the 3 dots icon which is visible on the top right corner of your screen. In that there will be an option named “block”, you just need to select that option. This will remove that fan or follower from your fan list and they will not be able to view your content in the future. Also, they will not be able to communicate with you directly on the TikTok from that point onwards. This is a permanent method that prohibits that user from following or viewing your content until you unblock them yourself.

Now let us look at another method to remove followers, which is a bit less stern than the previous method. Initially as in the previous method, open your TikTok app on your mobile phone and enter your profile section on the application. Select followers on that page, now search for the follower you desire to remove from that list. After selecting the follower, press the 3 dots icon beside it, a mini dialogue box pops up which shows “remove this follower”. Now select that option to get rid of that follower. The user needs to send you an add request again in case he wants to follow you again.

In both the methods, the person expelled will not get notified that he has been removed by you. While the first method gives you a permanent solution that needs to be employed only when the situation is very serious and if you just want to warn the user then you can use the second method and just remove them. These techniques can be used to remove any number of followers but only one after the other one.

There are also some other ways to face this negative issue. You can report that particular user which will ensure that the user will be under the scanner of TikTok management and might lead to a permanent ban from the platform. This will also help TikTok’s other uploaders from facing similar issues in the future.

Removing All Followers On Tiktok At Once

Many Tiktokers out there want to know if there’s any wordaround to get all their followers removed at once.

Well, there’s no option as such but there’s a way to unfollow all these accounts without you having to remove them manually.

So for this, you will need to signup for Tiktok bot websites such as or or any other of your choice. Most of them offer 3-5 days of free trial.

You just need to put your credentials in their softwares and it will show you all the followers you have on your account. Just select Unfollow option and sit back. This software will automatically unfollow all your followers within a day or even before that depending on your bot settings.

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