Tiktok Genetic Heritage Filter Is All You Need To Create Weird Videos

tiktok genetic heritage filter

What’s up people! We are back again with a new cool article about TikTok. TikTok is popular amongst people of all age groups and has become the ultimate platform for entertainment. There is a new TikTok trend almost everyday but the GENETIC HERITAGE filter trends is off the charts and has become very famous lately.

Unfortunately this filter is not a part of TikTok’s filter collection but don’t you worry we have got it cover. Today we have bought this small guide on “How to get the filter and how to use it effectively to frame the funniest & weirdest videos”.

As this filter is not present on TikTok we will have to use some other application to get hold of this filter. Just follow these simple steps below :

How To Get Genetic Heritage Filter on Tiktok/Instagram?

STEP 1 : As the GENETIC HERITAGE filter is not part of the TikTok filters, we will have to take help of an another popular application here i.e. Instagram. So the first step will be, opening Instagram.( You can download this free to download application either from the Playstore or from the Apple app store.)

STEP 2 : Look for the SEARCH icon (this icon can be identified as a magnifying glass).

STEP 3 : Search for a user profile named “iamcraiglewis2” in the search bar and visit the profile to get the GENETIC HERITAGE filter.

STEP 4 : To get the genetic heritage filter you must click on the EFFECTS button on his profile and search for the GENETIC HERITAGE filter. ( Its icon can be identified as DNA strand enclosed within a orange background ; follow the images below)

This is how to genetic heritage filter icon looks like:

STEP 5 : Click on the GENETIC HERITAGE effect, this will take you to another window where you will find the creator illustrating the filter. You will find a TRY IT button in this window. Click on TRY IT button, this will take you to the normal Instagram window where we generally record videos with all other filters. You will find the GENETIC HERITAGE filter already selected now. Consider the image illustrations below.

STEP 6 : Record and save the video in the gallery.

STEP 7 : Now you have to open the TikTok app in order to post this video on TikTok.

STEP 8 : Click on the ‘ + ‘ button in TikTok. Now click on UPLOAD button and choose the saved videos that we made on Instagram.

STEP 9 : Selecting the video will take you to two video editing windows allowing the trimming of the video and editing of video respectively. Trim and edit the video if you want in these windows after which the final window appears.

STEP 10 : In the final window write a description for your video and add hashtags etc. and finally click on the POST button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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This was all for toady’s article. We really hope that we would have addressed every problem you people had in your mind. If you people have any doubts left or are facing any sort of problems relating this topic, feel free to write us in comments.

We will highly appreciate if you people will suggest us some topic that you want us to write on. For now enjoy your new filter , share it with your friends and feel free to reach us. HAVE FUN !!!!

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