3-6-9 Manifestation Method On Tiktok Explained : Does It Really Work?

tiktok 369 method

It is a new day, and your favorite TikTok platform has been graced with yet another fresh trend.

369 manifestation trend has become highly viral in the last few hours and has been garnering loads of views, likes, and attention as #manifestation videos already have more than 250 million views.

TikTok users were experiencing a mini offseason during the last few days as there was no new viral trend or challenge that came up. The 369 manifestation trend has produced a sigh of relief among the TikTokers and gave them a fresh concept for content creation means.

The numbers 3 6 9 do look familiar in multiple senses, right? Indeed they are. You will get a picture of one of the perceptions in the upcoming moments. So let us start at the base as always.

What exactly does this 369 manifestation method mean and how to make a viral TikTok post related to this thing? To put it in simple words, the users who finished this 369 manifestation trend have been claiming that after getting done with this, one will become enlightened, and their desire will also be conquered.


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You can guess now. Numbers and then desire, so yeah, it is related to mystic astrology. Also, some of the TikTok users have been saying that this comes under Tantric techniques. But basically, it has been derived from the inspiration of Nikola Tesla according to whom the numbers 3,6,9 are divine numbers and are the keys to many mysteries of this universe.

Anyways many TikTok users who have done this manifestation have proclaimed that they have achieved what they wanted and are saying that positive things can be accomplished with these manifestation methods.

Analogous to many other trends on TikTok even this one does not have a single standard procedure. According to your convenience and requirements, you can use this manifestation method. One of the popular usages is that the TikTokers have been using the manifestation to increase their followers and fans. Now, this sounds very intriguing, so let us see how to do this.

For this 3-6-9 manifestation technique, you’re supposed to write the name of a person you want to reach out to you 3 times, your intention with them 6 times and write what you want them to say/text you 9 times.

Some users even said that you could recite instead of writing it down. This method does not have any guarantee of giving a result but, at least it has a propensity to inculcate some much-needed positivity into the lives during these testing times. So why wait, just wish, and then use this manifestation method to see if those wishes will come true or not. 

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