‘Google In 1998’ : I Bet, This Google Hack Will Blow Your Mind

google 1998

Having acquired over 90% online search market in the world, Google has now become the biggest search engine leaving behind Bing & Yahoo miles away. Google has many products to offer such as Google Play, Gmail, Drive, Google Plus (which is now discontinued) and several other but Google search engine & Youtube are the most popular platforms they’ve got in their arsenal.

Fun Fact : Back in 1998, Google approached Yahoo to sell their company for $1 million but Yahoo turned it down! Now Google’s revenue is $160 billion whereas Yahoo’s revenue is in the range of $5-$8 billion.

What’s Up With ‘Google In 1998’?

Now this is quite interesting.

Google has recently added this new feature in their algorithm which will take you back in time in early Google days.

All you need to do is go to and type Google In 1998. That’s it. The results will surprise you for sure.

google in 1998 view

Funny thing is, you can’t make any searches in this version of Google. Even if you try to do, it will automatically redirect you to the current Google search.

Mind you, that’s not the only way to check how Google used to look in 1988. You can use waybackmachine to see how Google looked in years like 2000, 2001 and so on. Not just Google, but basically you can check the past view of every website available on the internet through waybackmachine.

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