Here’s Instagram White Privilege Checklist You Were Looking For

white privilege checklist instagram
  • Vote for legislative change
  • Petition budget cuts for your local PD.
  • Make the phone calls to state attorneys to demand the indictments of criminal cops.
  • Participate in actions with your local organizers.
  • Drop off resources to protesters.
  • Use your physical body and voice at protests.
  • Vocally state that you are unwilling to support passively or actively, the killing of black people.

Get Uncomfortable

Black people are constantly grappling with discomfort. Take on some of the burden. This time will require you to have uncomfortable conversations with people in your lives. You will have to take on the role of a teacher.

Many may not agree with you. You might lose friends.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Wrong

I have been hearing a lot of people say that they’re nervous to say anything because they have a lot to learn and don’t want to be wrong, but you will be wrong sometimes when you take a risk. You might have to endure being checked a few time in your journey towards true allyship.

Some people are asking you to be quiet. Others are asking you to be vocal to amplify black voices. In this time, both are needed and necessary. Learn how to discern what each moment requires.

Pro tip : It’s difficult to be wrong if you plainly share facts.

Black People Are Not Required To Educate You

Stop asking your black friends what to do. Stop asking them how you can help. They are tired. Take initiative. Start asking yourself what you can do.

If you don’t know, there have been many books, articles & documentaries created just on this. It is your responsibility to seek out the anti-racists readings and begin your education.

Do the work of getting informed. Create a book club with your friends. Join a group. Learn together.


Share black stories, share black art, uplift black voices, in this time and beyond.

How You Spend Your Money Is Political

It is not enough to make a one time payment to a black non-profit.

What businesses do you patron? What black creators do you uplift? What movements do you support? How are you actively and intentionally practicing regular wealth redistribution? What is your daily contribution to the economic mobility of black people?

Destroy The Myth

Are you insulated in the comfortable shield of whiteness? Do you have the ability to go days without interacting with other people’s true lives, thoughts and experiences?

Examine how this is an extension of your privilege. A proliferation of white imperialist delusion which asserts whiteness as central and all other lives and experiences as peripheral. We are living in many realities. It is time to get on one accord so that we can transform. Are you still under the spell of patriotism and propaganda? How can you break it?

What Is Your Contribution?

Things transform when we align our gifts, skills and resources in the pursuits of a greater purpose.

Art, money, medicine, land, real estate, a platform. What are your skills and how can they be useful now? What privileges do you have and how can you redistribute them to the movement for black liberation.

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