Pup Savage Hashtag Is Trending On Tiktok To Fight Against Bullying

pup savage tiktok trend

Online bullying has become a very prominent issue in today’s digital world. People have become very vocal these days and are giving opinions on everything and anything. Positive reviews or opinions are cool and will increase the confidence of the people.

On the other side of the fence, a negative review, if given in the right manner will lead to betterment and growth. But if the mode of delivery is not appropriate then it might lead to dire consequences. Portraying and broadcasting negativity through comments on posts have become a very usual occurrence these days. 

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok have been the primary domains in which people are being getting targeted with negativity. Sensitive people do not take these kinds of comments easily and tend to get depressed or deeply affected. So this issue has become a routine in today’s world and people are being subject to such bullying every day in some or the other form. It has claimed many innocent lives until now and continues to be a deadly social virus kind of threat in this digital cosmos.

The recent Pup savage trend on TikTok has been going on to support the people who are being subject to bullying in any form. Bullying is not a new thing but has been a prevailing issue for quite a few decades now. Weight or height related issues, racism, weakness, and other related things are being utilised by the perpetrators in order to bully or harass people directly or through digital means. 

Now let us see what this new trend – #Pupsavage on TikTok is for. As a result of yet another harassment incident, a person gave up life and ended tenure on the earth prematurely.


this should not be happening, ##bullying needs to stop 😞 ##stopbullies ##pup ##pupsavage ##spreadlove ##support ##community ##getalife ##noneofyourbusiness

♬ son original – mariepierre74

The tiktokers have been conveying their condolences on TikTok by posting videos with sensible messages. The TikTok community has united over this sensitive issue and everyone together looking to fight the issue and extending the support to the people who are being targetted.

#pup, #pupplay, ##humanpup, #sfwpup, #sfwpupplay, #petplay, ##sfwpetplay, #pupsavage, #stopthehate, #furry, #bekind, and #standwithsugarpup are the most used hashtags by the tiktokers while they are supporting the cause.

“RIP Pup savage” has been trending on the TikTok and people have been making new content in order to fight for the people suffering from bullying. People have been urging people to be kind to one another and make this world a hospitable place to all the people.

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