Why Is Tiktok’s Rating Going Down On Google Play Store?

tiktok ratings dropped on play store

Trendy lip-sync video-sharing social media platform, TikTok has been in troubled waters over the last few days. The recent controversies surrounding TikTok videos have taken a toll on the TikTok team and played a vital role in the backlash against the once cult-favorite app of masses around the world.

The ratings are very imperative for any app on the Google play store. TikTok enjoyed a great deal of adoration due to its unique and entertaining attributes which attracted people from many countries towards it. This even reflected in its rating on the play store as people showered love in the form of positive reviews and great ratings.

The app had an impressive overall rating of 4.7 (out of 5) until the first week of May. But the situation started changing slowly with the inception of each controversy. The current rating of the app on google store is 1.6 and it is clearly evident that a steep drop of 3 rating points has affected its number of downloads. 1.2 was the lowest rating level it reached during this crisis period of the app.

tiktok 1.6 rating reasons

The majority of the negative reviews for the app are said to be coming from Indians users. There is a very valid reason for this sudden resentment of Indians towards this app. The video uploaded by famous TikToker Faisal Siddiqui in the recent past which seemed to have eulogised acid attacks on women.

This sparked widespread protests against the uploader Faisal as well as the TikTok app across India. This has been one of the primary reasons which have led to Indians giving poor ratings to the app on the play store in order to defame the app.

The indifferent racism policies of the TikTok app have also led to the app getting some traction from many users across the world. Many users changed their profile pictures to fist pictures and showed support and solidarity for the black content creating community of the app.

The feud between TikToker, Amir Siddiqui and a YouTuber, CarryMinati also led to this situation. CarryMinati released a video titled Youtube vs TikTok – The end, which was basically a roast of the TikTokers and he ridiculed the TikTok app and its users in that video.

That video was a hit among millions of people and received a whopping 75 million views before it was taken down by violating youtube policies. It drastically increased the followers of CarryMinati on youtube and at the same time became a boon for TikTok as the people started giving a 1-star rating to show their support for Youtube over TikTok.

However, some of the negative comments and reviews were discarded in the past few days by the google play store team and this led to a slight increase in ratings of the app from 1.2 to 1.6  which is a sigh of relief for the app developers. The situation on the iOS store is not much different but it is much better comparatively as the app still has a decent 3.5 rating on that platform.

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