What Does Fairy Comments On Tiktok Mean?

best fairy comments

Arguably the most trendy social media platform today, TikTok has been experiencing rapid growth in terms of the user base in recent times due to the lock down’s prevailing in most of the places around the world. People have been stuck in their homes without any sort of contact with the outside world, so they have been resorting to various social media platforms to stay in touch with everyone around the world.

TikTok is one such social media platform whose popularity is increasing exponentially with each passing day. The quarantine period has played its part in its growth as people are turning towards TikTok for entertainment purposes. Even the renowned Australian international cricketer, David Warner has created his TikTok account recently and started posting mini dance videos on the platform which are garnering a huge positive response from all his fans around the globe. This is just one of the examples to show how popular TikTok has become in the present day and is kind of a household app in most of the homes, especially in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and India.

Creating trends and innovative challenges has always been a specialty of the TikTok community. Recently we have been seeing some of the viral challenges like Say so and never do it again dance challenges, water eye challenges, etc to name a few. People keep working on such things and they constantly keep inventing some new challenges and trends to keep the TikTok universe entertained and engaged. 

One such new thing which started recently is the fairy comments trend. It has become viral amongst the majority of the TikTok user base across the world and all are following this trend and using fairy comments on posts of the people they are following on the platform.

Now if you guys are not familiar with this trend already then we will give a small description of it initially here. First of all, let us see what fairy comments actually are.

What Does Fairy Comments Mean on Tiktok?

Basically, it refers to commenting on the posts using some intriguing poetic lines to make the commenting task fun and captivating to the users and fans.

Tiktok Fairy Comments Origin

This trend started picking up when Tiktok user @readysetrebecca asked her followers to leave fairy comments on her video.

This Is Where Fairy Comments Trend Originated From…

Let us see some of the examples now, “Imagine being that successful …………… yeah keep imagining”, and “Oh chill out it’s all a joke ……. like your life” are some of the statements which demonstrate what fairy comments are. Here are some more:

tiktok fairy comments origin
best fairy comments
tiktok funny fairy comments

As you can clearly observe from above comments, the comments have many characteristics like sarcasm and a tinge of back handed humour to the normal comments. The teenage social media users have been following this trend since a long time on various other platforms. But this has recently become more popular among the TikTokians as they have been actively using these fairy comments to play around with their fans and followers.

So for all of you out there who are bored of commenting in the normal regular fashion, here is the new trend which you can follow and enhance your TikTok usage experience. We’ve got you a collection of over 60 Tiktok fairy comments which are ready to use. Just copy them and post where you want to explode your humour.

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