‘Your Sister Being Your Best Friend Is Elite’ Is Trending On Twitter : Why? Know It Here

Your Sister Being Your Best Friend Is Elite Twitter trend

Twitter has been abuzz in the last few hours about a certain topic. There have been various versions of “your sister being your best friend is elite” tweets which are trending continuously on the Twitter platform for more than a week now.

It is not unusual for a platform like Twitter to witness something like this, a public display of adoration of siblings. There have been multiple instances in the past when a twitter trend followed a similar theme but the latest trend is definitely the most popular one with more arguably more people involved in the trend.

The Covid-19 lockdown scenario has forced people to stay indoors mostly, this has led to many realisations as people have got to spend some quality time with their family members. Previously due to busy lifestyles, people didn’t use to spend time with the family members be it, professionals or students. All this changed with the pandemic induced break. People got a much-needed break from the routine life. They have been using this time efficiently to reconnect with all their loved ones and further strengthen their bonds. The consequence of this scenario is precisely visible online in the form of thoughtful tweets about the sister’s love. 

Sisters may drive you crazy, get involved with your life without your prior consent, and irritate you but if anyone else dares to bother you any way, your sister will be the one to defend you to the death. Many of us might have experienced this at least once in our life until now. Most of the time it is not known to us as they don’t display full-fledged affection all the time but when the time demands an action they will be the first ones to act.

As such we can keep on listing the traits of the sisters, it can be a seamlessly never-ending list. Not all of them live together, so some of them have been keeping in touch through the virtual mediums and are empathising in these difficult times.

Not all tweets have been about sisters exclusively. Some of the tweets have been coming in about the brothers, cousins, and some other relevant people.

Whatever it might be, the sibling love is always unique and endearing. It’s not always externally visible but is omnipresent all the time. More or less a sister is usually a faithful confidant, support system during weak times, and a cheerleader discouraging situations.

People have been tweeting about this and are appreciating the love showered by the sisters through this platform. They are indeed on point when they say your sister being your best friend is elite because that is a universally approved fact.

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