Today’s Flipkart Fake Or Not Quiz Answers 27th July 2020

flipkart fake or not answers

India’s very own eCommerce behemoth, Flipkart never fails to amaze its customers. Flipkart team constantly introduces attractive offers to its wide range of user base which is spread across India in various municipalities. The seasonal influx of fashionable and innovative offers is a very essential requirement in this field of business as there is always a rival company waiting to influence and lure away your current customers. So constant inspection and monitoring of the trends is done by the promotion teams to stay ahead in the race. Today in this space, we are going to share information about a very cool Flipkart contest with you guys. 

Flipkart always rewarding its loyal customers by offering regular incentives after every successfully delivered order. Previously Flipkart has this reward system known as Flipkart super coins. All payment modes like cash on delivery, wallet payments, and bank payments are supported in the Super coins reward system rendered to Flipkart’s customers. These can be redeemed at later dated after a minimum threshold limit is accomplished. 

Likewise, the Flipkart team recently commenced a new offer namely, Flipkart fake or not? contest. Users need to play this quiz game and if you answer all the questions correctly then you win some exciting rewards in the form of vouchers and super coins.

So how to participate in this contest? It is very easy. You can play directly on the website or you can download the Flipkart app from the play store. Then you need to sign up using your email id and functioning mobile number. Also, provide a username and relevant personal details to finish updating your profile to get a personalized experience on the app. Now you are ready to participate in this fake or not? contest.

Go to the games section in the app and scroll until you find “fake or not?” quiz. Once you find it, select it and proceed to play the quiz. It consists of 5 trivial questions. You need to answer all of them correctly to win rewards. The quiz is updated daily so you can attempt it only once on a particular day.  

The rewards available are – 

  • Rs1000 gift vouchers for 100 users.
  • Rs50 gift vouchers for 3000 users.
  • 25, 20, and 10 super coins for remaining users who answered correctly.

For instance, here are a few questions from 14th July, fake or not contest – PM Dhan Lakshmi Yojna giving women Rs. 5 lakhs loan without interest. There is no such scheme so the answer is fake. These sorts of basic general knowledge questions will be asked in this contest.

Flipkart Fake Or Not Quiz Answers – 27th July 2020

Question 1. Owls can rotate their head 360 degrees?
Answer 1 – FAKE

Question 2. Amitabh Bachchan thanks doctors via video after he tests COVID-19 +ve?
Answer 2 – FAKE

Question 3. An Indian company is the largest producer of vaccines in the world?
Answer 3 – NOT FAKE

Question 4. Miracle baby born with three eyes in Germany?
Answer 4 – FAKE

Question 5. WHO accepts home remedy cure for COVID-19?
Answer 5 – FAKE

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