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supr daily refer code

If you’re a regular consumer of groceries and milk, and usually want them delivered fresh and hassle-free, you must have either heard of or tried a service that goes by the name, Supr Daily.

As their name suggests, the company strives to make fresh and regular deliveries every morning of whatever groceries, veggies and dairy you’d want your day to begin with. They take orders up to as late as the night before, to try and complete the delivery up the next morning.

The company has now come up with a new offer that looks pretty attractive to cash — they’re offering a free membership to their paid programme called “Supr Access” just by referrals. Not only this, your friend whom you’ve referred to also gets multiple benefits on the purchases off the site.

What Exactly is Supr Access?

You see, Supr Daily charges some amount of fees as “service charge” on making deliveries to your home. This isn’t to be confused with delivery charges, because they’re charged separately. The service charge can range from Rs 2 per packet of milk to Rs 20 per delivery of fresh veggies.

If, however, you subscribe to their paid programme, you get the deliveries free of any service charge — and that, for as many orders as you want. Their monthly subscription is priced Rs 99 and they also have six-monthly and yearly subscriptions.

But if you’re willing to exploit the offer on the app now, you’ll be privileged to a free month’s subscription of Supr Access. In addition to that, your friend also gets a subscription of the same for 15 days. In addition, your friend is also allowed for a Rs 100 cashback, on his orders — something we’ll talk soon.

Supr Daily Referral Program & Referral Code

All you need to do is :

  • Sign up to the service. (If you haven’t already)
  • You can use the code REFERRAL100 to begin with, in case you don’t have any referral to begin with.
  • Now claim your unique referral code and share that to your friends.
  • After your friend is done signing up using your code, s/he needs to place an order. When the order is successfully delivered, you’ll be given a month-long membership and your friend, a 15-days long.
  • Your friend will also be able to avail a cashback of Rs. 100, as mentioned earlier. This however doesn’t convert into real cash but in Supr Credits.

What are Supr Credits?

These are a sort of virtual credits that are awarded to the consumers on making specific purchases. The amount credited can vary depending upon different orders. You can use this virtual currency to pay for your orders, except for dairy.

With this offer, your friend directly gets a total of 100 Supr Credits, regardless of however big or small his order is. For this, he must successfully place an order and receive it. Remember, you also only get to avail the benefits if, and only if, your referred friend places an order — and your privileges are validated only after the successful delivery of the order to your friend. 

So yeah, that’s it — on how you get to have your groceries and veggies delivered, and that without any service charges just by getting your pals to join in, on the platform — Supr Daily Referral programme summed up.

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