in Is Giving Free Tiktok Hearts & Views – Is It Legit? review

There are abundant websites and applications available today which are providing various services to social media users. These services include providing more likes, hearts, comments, and views to the content of users who request this aid.

Most of these service providers are not reliable and might infect your devices with malware and viruses. So we urge you to do a thorough background check before using such applications or websites in your electronic devices.

Today we are going to look at one such service provider “” which claims that Tiktok users can get more likes, comments, shares, and views by using their website.

First, let us see the working of this service,, like how it functions and how one can use it to get more likes and comments on their content in TikTok. First, you need to open your web browser and enter “” in the address column. Now a fresh page is visible which asks for verification. You need to finish the captcha verification process as prompted to proceed further. On the next page, you will see a button “use” just click it to start the process.

Now you need to just paste the user name or the URL of the video for which you want to get more likes, comments, shares, and views. Following that, a count down timer will be displayed on your screen after it finishes, the likes, comments, shares, and views on that particular video will get increased drastically. In case the username was selected then followers will be increased of the selected profile.

Now you will see the success message like this and views will be delivered instantly!

So YES, IT DOES WORK! It does give you free views, likes or hearts without spending a single dime.

We highly recommend to use this website in Incognito window to be on the safer side.

For starters, freer is a tested and secured application as it can be used on your mobiles, PCs, or laptops without any distrust. Its basic function is to spawn more traffic towards your content and in the process increases the views, likes, comments, etc of that particular post. This is a free app and you don’t need to pay a single rupee to use it. Freer applications can be used for any social media platform in general, but some of them are functional with respect to only one platform exclusively. The only monetary benefit this app incurs from the users is through the surveys and Recaptcha’s available on the applications. 

Garnering huge following on social media is a kind of an esteem issue among teens these days. Due to such things or competitions among teenagers today, followers have become very important in any social media platform. The same is the case with TikTok, as users with more fans, likes, etc, tend to become more popular and this might an inferiority complex in the users who have lesser followers comparatively. For all the users, who are looking to increase their popularity on the social media handles, especially on TikTok, freer is a very useful app for you guys as it is reliable and is malware free. You can use this service for free and spawn a huge number of likes on your content.

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