What Does ‘Share Other Cancel’ Do On Tiktok? Does This Trick Really Generate Followers?

share other cancel tiktok

People never get drained out of ideas when it comes to creating new challenges and trends on TikTok. For that matter, TikTok has become the favorite breeding ground for all kinds of challenges and tricks in recent times.

“Share, other, cancel” is one of the latest trends which has become viral among the TikTokians around the world. #shareothercancel is one of the most trending hashtags on TikTok today. Fundamentally this new challenge has been designed by the TikTokians in order to gain more views and likes for their content on the platform. 

Let us now delve deep and try to know what this trick exactly is. The user who created this challenge has claimed that if you share this video for a particular number of times (say 5 times), and also you need to cancel and then retry again after each share. Then according to this user you will be getting more followers as soon as you finish this task.

The procedure to finish this task is as follows – first tap the Share arrow available on the post, then scroll to the end of the “Share to” options, and select the Other option and then press the Cancel option to finish the task successfully. 

Does “Share, Other, Cancel” Trick Really Work?

All the users generally are fond of getting more followers than they presently have, so this has attracted the attention of many TikTokers especially those of them whose follower count is relatively less. They have been trying this trick but are getting disappointed during the aftermath as this is not working and they are not gaining any additional followers as proclaimed. So after examining this trick, we have found out that the actual motive behind this is not to gain followers but to attain more likes towards the videos. 

Now you must be wondering how “Share, other, cancel” and like options are related? It is a valid query.

Let us now see the inside trick here. The heart icon in TikTok resembles likes for the videos and posts on the platform. This heart icon’s alignment is just above the share option icon in any TikTok post. So the users have been utilizing this proximity between the two options to trick others into liking their content. This is the sole purpose of this challenge and there is no other gain from this trick.

Also, after some deep research, we found that there was some bug in Tiktok which mistakenly used to increase the share count of the post even if user clicked on Share button and then canceled it. But we don’t have evidences if that bug really ever existed. So may be this trick was working few months ago but then Tiktok fixed that bug.

So for now, this trick is not expected to give definitive results to its creators but is just an anticipatory technique that has been employed by millions of users these days in the hope of getting more likes on their content. So if you are looking to have some fun, then this challenge is a must-try for you. Else if you desire to get more followers then we request you to try other avenues as this trick doesn’t work that way.

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