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There are abundant websites on the internet that claim to provide free followers in your social media accounts including Tiktok. I know you might be surprised after listening to this. Do they really provide what they are promising for free without any harm to your security and privacy? In this module we will dive a little bit deeper to gain some knowledge about one such application Sneakapp.

What is Sneakapp?

Sneakapp is an online website that claims to provide its esteemed users free followers (up to 5000) in their Tiktok account for free. Sneakapp is widely discussed among tiktokers due to their jaw-dropping claim. Like Sneakapp, there are abundant other websites and co-operations which claim the same.

How to know whether it is legit or scam?

This is one of the most legit questions for this. Mainly most of the websites which claim such promises tend to be scams and may be quite harmful to your account and device. Scam websites may insert a harmful devastating virus in your device which ultimately results in malfunctioning. No one needs the same.

Many scam websites tend to hide their personal info from the users available on its platform. This is one of the most basic characteristics of any scam. Unfortunately, Sneakapp does the same with its users. You will not get a simple shred of evidence about its authenticity and privacy policies. This makes us more unclear about its security and authenticity.

Scams are particularly mismanaged in their content display. If you visit a website of a scam company or organisation, you will certainly get to see wrong and informal language and format in their content and design of the website. It is unlike a legit company’s website which is total, from tip to toe fully managed and perfectly displayed. If you take a glance at, you get to see the whole content of the page is fully managed and designed.

I know this makes you more confused to differentiate between whether Sneakapp is authentic or just a scam. Just look at the website and see whether it is actually providing fake followers in your Tiktok account.

Let’s get started and follow along

Firstly, open the search box of your search engine and enter ‘’ or click the web address given above in blue. The opening page of the website asks you to submit your Tiktok username in the slot provided. Click in the ‘connect button once you are all done.

sneakapp review

Once you are fully connected with your username, they ultimately ask you to choose an option amongst three different options provided.

sneakapp free followers

Choose the best option for you. What do you think now? Will you get the number of followers you have expected to gain? Well in most of the cases you are not. The next screen will ultimately show some ‘verification error’.

sneakapp scam

An alternative ‘verify now’ option will suggest you take a secondary mean to verify your account. But your device will ultimately suggest you, not to proceed since the connection and the hyperlink is not secure.


There are few chances of getting any followers from this platform since most of them who have tried failed to gain a single follower by this mean. Using any third party app for increasing your followers is highly discouraged since if you caught doing this Tiktok will ultimately freeze your account.

So, there are few chances of getting free followers in Tiktok or if you are lucky enough you can get fake followers by using a third-party app.

Did you get any free followers using such indirect means? Let us know the same through the comment section below.

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