in Review : Does It Really Give Free Tiktok Followers, Likes & Views?


A lot of websites in the web claim to provide free fake followers and likes in your social media accounts. Most of them don’t provide a single follower or a like to your account. Some websites may be somewhat legit and be beneficial for us so let us dive into this topic today and check out whether one of the proclaiming website is legit or faking the users.

What is

You might be wondering whether it is an application, a co-operation of hackers, or a website on the web. Pretty commonly, it is just a website on the web.

Unlike other websites, it is a hacking website that proclaimed to provide free followers and likes to your Tiktok account. I know that is alarming to all the Tiktok users who are addicted to this application. But do Tikmax really provide what they promise?

For the most accurate knowledge about the application and its test of legitimacy let us head over to this website…

First, visit URL to reach the concerned website. Once you have opened the webpage, the page asks you to provide your TikTok username directly. Unlike most of the other websites you don’t need to log in first to the website to register yourself. review

As soon as you provide your username to the website, the process will start ultimately. Before starting the concerned process some little shreds of settings are important to know. You can alter the count of followers or likes from the menu. Similarly you can choose an alternative option between free likes and followers.

The overall process will take about half a minute from synchronising the data to checking your profile.

Once the process is completed you might be thinking that it is over but it is not. The next page asks you to complete human verification to prevent bots.

For the human verification they ask you to download to applications. This is not anyway related to any sort of verification. Such type of verification is quite peculiar; no other platform asks the user to complete verification by downloading any of its applications.

So, there are high chances that this website is NOT LEGIT.

Do We Get Any Followers Actually?

The answer to the question is uncertain; most of the users tend to say that it is completely fake. While some of the users in the same platforms claim to gain thousands of users by using the same platform. You might be confused now. Don’t you? But let me clear it out.

Most of the android and iOS mobiles tend to block such websites due to the protection of the system’s software. Maybe the users who have gained the followers may have used a third-party application for the same.

Why We Don’t Recommend Tikmax?

Using hacked services is highly discouraged in open online platforms like these. If Tiktok algorithms find something shady going on your account, they might freeze or suspend your account. So in the greed of gaining few hundreds followers, you are basically risking all your existing followings which is really not worth it.

Final Call

There are lots of fake websites that may insert quite harmful viruses into your system. While checking the authenticity of any of the website by hitting a trial you must use incognito mode of Google for the same for safety purposes.

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