Does Tiktok Fiesta Really Give Free Followers? Let’s Check It Out!

tiktok free followers review

In this modern era, users of social media applications yearn for more number of followers for their profile, likes, and comments on their posts. It has become a very vital part of social media platforms in recent times. Having more followers is a very essential necessity these days to gain popularity in almost any social media networking app. TikTok is no exception to this as people on this app use various techniques and methods to increase their number of followers which will, in turn, make them popular on this video sharing platform.

Online video sharing platforms don’t have any such constraints like strict censorship and all so the users enjoy more creative freedom and produce edgy material that can attract youth in large numbers. In that mold, creating highly intriguing, unique, and engaging content is the primary option available for the users to gain more popularity in the TikTok universe. Also, they can share their videos on other social media platforms like whatsapp, Facebook to gain more followers. Now we will look at another method here using which users have been supposedly gaining immense popularity in the TikTok and increasing their followers drastically. “” has been used by users these days to draw more followers.

Let us first look at the working of “”. The following is the procedure used to use this website.

  1. Open google chrome browser in your mobile phones and then open this URL “”. 
  2. Then the screen will show a page that claims to give you 50,000 followers for free.
  3. Now you need to enter your TikTok username in the specified place, and then provide the number of followers you wish to add to your profile.
  4. You will be given the choice to select any one figure from 1000, 5000, 10000, 25000, and 50000 followers.
  5. After you select any one number then press the continue button to proceed further.
  6. Now you need to finish a checkbox task to move forward. You will now be asked to install an application for authentication purposes after which the website claims to give you the selected number of followers.” does claim that this tool is completely safe and free. But you might be having reservations and wondering if this is a working tool or an authentic way to attain followers.

We will give you a clear picture of that in the upcoming part of this article. First of all, this tool is not an official tool as it was not released by ByteDance who owns TikTok. So the users utilising this tool are at risk of getting their TikTok profiles banned for using unauthorised methods to gain free followers in large quantities.


So it is recommended to not use this tool with your original user names. But it is a very tempting tool so one can test it out by creating a new account. This way you would get to know the facts yourself and can judge perfectly. But we recommend the readers to not use any such follower generator tools and rather concentrate on creating engaging content which will automatically draw more audience and increase your followers steadily.

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