10+ Bird Feeder Ideas That Are Worth Exploring

#1. This is a DIY bird feeder which is made from just 4 wooden pieces. If you have wood cutting machine then it will hardly take an hour to get your bird feeder ready.

Hopefully the birds will like what’s on the menu today 😃 apple stuffed with pumpkin seeds😋🍎🐦❤

#2. This is also a DIY bird feeder made with woods and some sticks. It’s ideal for small birds only. It’s cute, isn’t it?

#3. If your kid wants to craft his own bird feeder then you can’t go wrong with this feeder. Simply cut the coconut into 2 halves, make 2 holes on each half for hanging and attach a string to it. Now you should be ready to feed birds with 2 feeders.

#4. This feeder filled with full of goodies is made using recycled milk jug. Are you gonna try this at home?

#5. This can be a good choice if you’re looking for a bird feeder for your balcony railing. Hummingbirds in your area will thank you later for this.

#6. Want to build your own bird feeder with bottles? Well try this feeder now. Just fill it once and it will automatically feed the birds for 3-4 days without you having to look at it again and again.

self feeding bird feeder

#7. I’m really in love with this vintage milk bottle bird feeder. All you need is a milk bottle and a saucer or a small plate. Now cut the milk bottle from bottom (be creative here! check out the image below to get an idea) and fix a plate to it with gum aaand you’re ready to rock!

#8. This bird feeder looks like it’s made from clay but it’s not. It’s made of plastic material and suitable for small birds.

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