Top 10 FFXIV Apartment & House Ideas For 2021

FFXIV is a subscription game for PC, PS4 and Mac OS, but it is possible to play a free trial version to see if Final Fantasy XIV is the right game for you. However, the test version has a few restrictions.

Many people always ask themselves one question: “What role should I take at the beginning of the game?” Unfortunately, this question is difficult to answer for others. On the one hand it depends on the player and on the other hand it doesn’t really matter at the beginning, because as already mentioned you can play all these roles with one character. So you are in a position to change roles after you have determined, for example, that you would rather be a physical hand-to-hand fighter and yet would rather not play a defender. Just have a look at our guide overview page for Final Fantasy XIV, under Classes & Jobs we always explain something about the individual roles. You can also take a look at the official site for Final Fantasy XIV and see the descriptions there look at the roles.

Okay so let’s now take a look at some of the best FFXIV Apartments & House Ideas for 2021:

My first attempt at apartment designing 🏠 i want to add more plants! But I have maxed out the number of items for apartment πŸ˜” what do you guys think?
Started on my apartment yesterday and halfway done.
Sharing my apartment layout in game. It’s been this was for a year now and I don’t plan on changing it 😁

More ideas will be added soon in this list.

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