20 Best Tiktok Shawty Pass Templates & Backgrounds : Make Your Own Pass In Minutes

Shawty passes have now become a trend on Tiktok and if you still don’t know what it’s all about, then you probably want to read this article where we have covered this topic with some video compilations.

So now that you know what these shawty passes are, it’s time to create one for yourself. Creating these from scratch can be tricky and time consuming so today we are going to list down some of the popular ready-made templates & backgrounds that you can simply download and modify to generate your own pass.

Top 5 Tiktok Shawty Pass Ideas

These are just for your reference! You can check out below images of shawty passes and simply replicate them. After these images, we have listed the downloadable templates & backgrounds.

tiktok shawty pass ideas
shawty pass template
blue shawty pass template 2
smiley shawty pass example
butterfly shawty pass

Shawty Pass Ready Made Templates & Backgrounds

Just right click on these images and then select ‘save image’ to download them on your phone or desktop.

You can then put your photo and add funny details to create the pass. Some Tiktoker’s are also printing their friend’s snapchat ID’s (QR codes) on the back side of the passes. So it’s time to show your creativity…download these templates and do your magic.

shawty pass red canvas
shawty pass pink canvas

shawty pass background yellow
shawty pass background red strips

red wood shawty pass background

rose flowers shawty pass background

shawty pass background blue

shawty pass background pink flowers

shawty pass background ocean blue

shawty pass background colored strips

shawty pass background pink feathers

shawty pass maker

Let’s know in comments what you think about these templates & ideas. Also do share your shawty passes below to help the Tiktok community to get newer ideas.

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