Top 5 Tiktok Money Calculators Of 2020 : Check Your Estimated Earnings

what are tiktok money calculators

We’re living in an era where social media’s importance can’t be ignored. Do you know, an average American spends almost 3 hours daily on social media apps? Guess what, this is just the beginning and when apps like Tiktok have entered in the market, this number is all set to touch new records.

As the active users on social media are increasing day by day, many companies and popular brands have changed their way of advertising slightly. Now they have started taking social media marketing seriously as there are lots of $$ to be made on this platform.

Just take an example…

You are watching a TV and all of a sudden you see an iPhone’s ad on it. The ad is being served to you despite your liking or disliking of iPhone so this marketing strategy is not much effective when compared to social media where you can easily target audience who are interested in that particular product.

So these small & big brands usually approach the social influencers and offer them compensation for promoting their products to followers.

If your Tiktok account has good amount of followers and you’re looking to monetize it, then it’s better to know your account’s worth and for that you can use the Tiktok money calculators which we are going to list here.

Note : Don’t rely solely on these calculators. No tool on the internet can tell you the exact number of your account’s worth. Use them to get an approximate range.

Alright, so now you know what Tiktok money calculators are. Now let’s jump on to our next part. Now we will see what are the best tools you can use right now to calculate your estimated earnings on Tiktok.

Top Tiktok Money Calculators Available Right Now

We have analysed all the money calculators but none of them seem to have an accurate data. Let me give you some tips so you can calculate your account’s worth with 70-80% accuracy.

Targeting Country

This is the most influential factor when it comes to calculating your account’s worth. If you are targeting audience of tier 1 country like USA, UK, Canada, Australia & New Zealand, then you’re likely to make more money than those getting traffic from tier 2 and tier 3 countries.

Number Of Followers

This is the second most important factor you should consider for calculating your estimated earnings.

As per our study, you should be earning $10 per post if you are targeting tier 1 countries and have follower count 2000 to 5000 and $5 for the same if targeted audience is from tier 2 or tier 3 countries.

Here are some more figures:

Number Of FollowersEstimated Earnings
(If your traffic is from tier 1 countries)
Number of Followers
(If your traffic is from tier 2 or tier 3 countries)
500-1000$2-$5 per post$1-$1.5 per post
1000-10000~$10 per post~$3 per post
10K-50K~$25-$50 per post~$15 per post
50K-100K$80-$150 per post~$60 per post
Above 100K$200 & above per post$100 & above per post


Having millions of followers is useless if engagement is low. You should at least get 8% to 10% engagement on your posts in the form of likes and comments to attract advertisers.

So if your followers count is 10K, then your every post should have minimum 800 likes and good number of comments too.

Your Niche

You have to analyse which niche has more number of advertisers. Naturally there are more number of advertisers targeting fashion & recipe niche compared to drawing or calligraphy niche. So niche matters a lot and can have significant impact on your earnings.

None of the tiktok money calculators available right now are taking these factors into consideration and this surely creates huge gap between the actual and estimated figures. Still if you want to know what are these tools, then here’s the list:


Just enter your tiktok username on this website and it will tell you how much you should earn per post. Quite simple but mind you, don’t rely on their figures. Use your brains!


This website basically sells tiktok likes and followers and recently they have added tiktok money calculator on their site.


These guys are basically using (Number of likes + Number of comments/Number of followers) X 100 forumla for generating your estimated earning per post. Surely not the accurate one!


As I said multiple times, none of the tiktok money calculators available online are 100% accurate. So just use the top 4 factors that I explained above to calculate your estimated earnings.

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