How To Fix ‘TikTok Sound Not Available In Your Country’ Error?

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Tiktok sound library is filled with awesome sounds and musical parodies that put the life into your videos. But many a times, we look out for a song to apply in our own videos and then we come to know that this sound is not available in our country. There are lots of reasons behind this like copyright issues, user’s current location etc but today, we are going to tell you the ultimate workaround for that.

“Tiktok this sound is not available in your country” this is what it reads when you and your country are not accessible to a certain music in the Tiktok sound library.

What Causes This Error?

Well, we are here with some of the possibilities related to the problem. The copyright issues would be the main culprit. The original owner of the music might not have given your country the copyright permission to use the song in the country. There can be some technical glitches which resist you from using the sound. There can be some issues with your country’s policies too. Your country might have banned the particular music due to some offensive language or meaning.

Here’s How You Can Solve It…

One way of doing this is to change your location for a while. Once you get the music or the audio, you can switch to your original location.

Just follow along with these 7 easy steps and access to any of the audio or video in Tiktok.

Let’s get started!!!

Firstly, as often you need to login to your Tiktok account. Once you are completely logged in, you get to see a number of specific icons that stand for different specific features. Click on the silhouette ‘Me’ icon on the bottom line of the opening screen.

Tiktok sound not available in your country error

This will ultimately take you to your profile page. What you need to do next is just click on the ellipsis button (button with three dots) on the rightmost top corner of the screen.

step 2

A flood of different options!! Don’t get panic. You just need to click on the very first option available which is the ‘Manage my account’ option under the account subheading.

step 3

Now you are in the main setting page. Tap the ‘Region’ option just below the ‘save login info’ setting.

Simple Ways to Change Your Region in TikTok on Android: 7 Steps

Now you might know what you need to do next. Don’t you? Just tap your ‘default region’ and you will see a long menu box popping up the screen to select your region. Just tap on the region where the song is accessible. You can easily get to know about it on the web.

Voila! That’s it. You have changed your region and can get access to any audio you want. Now access to that audio in the Tiktok Music Library, it will not show that disclaimer anymore.

In case this solution didn’t work, you will have to download free VPN apps from play store and connect to other countries. Then open Tiktok and try searching the music you wish to use. That should definitely work.


Though it is not a direct method, but you have the right and liberty to access any song in this platform. You can ultimately change the setting again if you need to.

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